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9 Onigiri you must try in Japan’s Konbini !!!

[Anyway, since it is good, Let’s eat ~]


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Nowadays in Japan, you can get Onigiri easily at convenience store (コンビニ、Kobini) at nearly every part of Japan. They are satisfyingly delicious, affordable to your pocket and rich in variety for your picky mouth.

If you have no idea what an ONIGIRI is, no worries, very simple,  in short, it is a rice ball that come in either a triangular or round form that usually wrapped in seaweed (のり、Nori). Traditional types often favored with a little seasoning of salt or some pickled ingredients and with the high demand and popularity, various creative fillings and flavors are developed for the mass.

While I was visiting friends in Tokyo last March, I tried many different types of onigiri, from traditionally popular ones, to the latest ones that are just released to the shelves. I like to explore new taste whenever I’m in Japan but I still have my favorites.


Check out them out now:

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The ‘Kawaii’-est Souvenirs ever – LINE Friends SHOP @ Harajuku Tokyo


Who doesn’t know about the famous Harajuku??? I will be introducing one of the latest additions to this fashion district & one of the ‘Must-go places’ that’s loved by both Japanese youngsters and tourists all over the world.

Welcome to

I believe LINE is a very familiar word that we all know by now. Everyone is using this app, whether if it’s messaging or calling  or playing games and of course, using their character stickers. Starting in Japan from 2011, it now has an international network of 350 million users.

On 13th December 2014, LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, opened Japan’s first

“LINE FRIENDS STORE” @ Tokyo’s Harajuku District Offering over 400 Exclusive Official LINE Character ProductsLINE_06

Woooh!!!! IT is AMAZING.!!!!!!

While I was shopping at Harajuku with my Japanese friend, I didn’t know about the shop until she told me. I was really excited and just had to get her to bring me there.

Now, Let’s take a look at what this store has to offer.


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