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Hearty & Homely Hakata-style dishes – the Torikin Dining Experience

Singaporeans love to eat; that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

3 kinds of foods that Singaporeans also generally love are hot pots, barbeques, and Japanese cuisine.

So imagine our surprise when we were told that Torikin serves all 3 at once! Surely, this was too good to be true?

01In we go!

With much anticipation, we paid them a visit – what did we find?

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Ramen Revolution '15 Begins! – Ramen Restaurant Rundown


The biggest celebration of ramen in Singapore; Ramen Revolution ’15; has begun!

With the objective to commemorate and bring awareness to the different kinds of ramen available across the island, 24 brands have participated and are vying to be YOUR top choice.

By voting, you also stand to win amazing prizes. You can read on how to vote in our previous entry.

“Who are these participating brands?” you ask?

Here’s a quick list to help you out.

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Ramen Revolution '15 – A Taste of things to come

It felt like yesterday when all Ramen fans had to choose from were just a small handful shops.

01There are now over 100 ramen stores in Singapore!

Today, ramen restaurants have sprouted all over the island, with dozens of stores in not just the central areas, but the east and west as well. With so many choices now available, it’s only natural that one would have their own favourite.

Now, here’s your chance to let YOUR beloved ramen joint shine.

Presenting – Ramen Revolution ’15.


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The 'Kawaii'-est Souvenirs ever – LINE Friends SHOP @ Harajuku Tokyo


Who doesn’t know about the famous Harajuku??? I will be introducing one of the latest additions to this fashion district & one of the ‘Must-go places’ that’s loved by both Japanese youngsters and tourists all over the world.

Welcome to

I believe LINE is a very familiar word that we all know by now. Everyone is using this app, whether if it’s messaging or calling  or playing games and of course, using their character stickers. Starting in Japan from 2011, it now has an international network of 350 million users.

On 13th December 2014, LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, opened Japan’s first

“LINE FRIENDS STORE” @ Tokyo’s Harajuku District Offering over 400 Exclusive Official LINE Character ProductsLINE_06

Woooh!!!! IT is AMAZING.!!!!!!

While I was shopping at Harajuku with my Japanese friend, I didn’t know about the shop until she told me. I was really excited and just had to get her to bring me there.

Now, Let’s take a look at what this store has to offer.


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Japan's Wild Side! – An Introduction to classic Japanese Animals

Tourists flock to Japan year after year for its deeply-rooted traditions, exquisite cuisine, and vibrant popular cultures. However, nature lovers can also indulge in the rich biodiversity that Japan offers. Its vast mountains and forests, coupled with snowy Hokkaido in the north and tropical Okinawa in the south, is home to many interesting and unusual wildlife, as well as their associated cultures.

Here are some unique ones:

Tanuki ( Raccoon dogs)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 18.06.09
How they really look like. | Image:

Often depicted in anime, tanuki can be found throughout Japan, even in the suburb of Tokyo. They were thought to be able to change into human form or into objects, and were mischievous but untrustworthy creatures. However, many temples and noodle shops have tanuki statues for good luck! There are 8 traits to note:

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All about Ekiben – Japan's mobile train meals

Some people in Japan are fans of trains. Some are fans of ekiben, which means bento usually bought at train stations to be eaten on the train.

Now, there is a new breed of fans of restaurant trains – a new kind of sightseeing train that is on track for a boom in Japan. Unlike the shinkansen, or bullet railway, these are usually local trains, which means you can actually enjoy the scenery go past slowly your the window. Shinano Railway, based in Nagano Prefecture, starting running the Rokumon Restaurant Train in July last year. (Shinano is the old name for the Nagano Prefecture.)

Rokumon Restaurant Train pulling into Nagano Station.

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