About WAttention

WAttention is a free magazine published with the aim of presenting you with the very best of Japan – from the very latest trends to the most traditional aspects of its culture; from delicacies to trending fashion, all of which are becoming increasingly familiar and even a part of everyday life all over the world. With the growing popularity of our culture,  there has never been a better time to introduce the unique and authentic bounty of Japan.

WAttention is a coined term comprising of “和 (wa)”, meaning “peace” and “connecting” in Japanese, and the word “attention”. It is our vision that our magazine will help to bring more attention to peace and forming the link between Japan and the world. That is the driving force behind WAttention, and we hope it will further fuel your curiosity to learn, visit and experience our country. We invite you cross the bridge, WAttention, that will lead you into a unprecedented, fascinating side of Japan. Welcome to WAttention!

You may find the online editions of our magazine ↓↓↓

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