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Where exotic ramen masterpieces meet fusion dining – A visit to Ippudo SG @ Shaw Centre

Most serious ramen connoisseurs are undoubtedly familiar with Ippudo.

From its founding in Hakata, Japan, Ippudo soon made its way to Singapore where it made a huge impact on the ramen scene. Consumers were exposed to real, high quality and authentic ramen and the bar was set to new heights. Today, Ippudo continues to maintain its impressive standards even after opening several branches around the island.

What’s also praise-worthy is their constant efforts to ensure that every new branch opened offers a different concept that’s unique to it. Not only does this help Ippudo exercise its creative muscles more, it also gives any foodie a good reason to visit every store – and keep coming back.


We were cordially invited to check out Ippudo’s latest outlet opened at the 4th floor of the renovated Shaw Centre and I was personally looking forward to a new dining experience.


Upon my first step into the new Ippudo, I was immediately taken aback by the overall décor.

A contrast to the usual dark palettes of most other ramen restaurants, Ippudo SG @ Shaw Centre instead greets you with large amounts of red, brown and cream colours.


DSC_0095Nice & cozy!


You can even watch your ramen being made in front of you

This was done with the intention of giving the place a more approachable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I could easily imagine myself chilling out here with my friends having a chat, as we tuck into bowls of awesome ramen.

CIMG0093The Akamaru Shin-Aji and Shiromaru Motoaji also come in a new small portion for light eaters

Speaking of awesome ramen, there was definitely no shortage of it here. Classic favourites like the Akamaru Shin-Aji were present in full force and were fantastic as always with its perfectly-done noodles and balanced broth.



The spice-maniac’s choice!

Singapore-exclusive dishes were also served, such as the Spicy Black. With a homemade minced meat miso paste prepared with a multitude of spices, peppers and mixed with their tonkotsu broth, it’s easy to see why this creation is immensely popular with spicy food-lovers.

CIMG0082Here comes a new challenger!

But it was the newcomer, the Tan Tan Tonkotsu, which leapt out and grabbed my full attention.

CIMG0088The classic together with the new-comer

Only available at this Shaw Centre hang out, the Tan Tan Tonkotsu is the fruit of the Ippudo Singapore team’s efforts from modifying and building upon their previous recipes to create a truly new taste.

The dish comprised of their original sesame paste blended with tonkotsu broth and a custom-made minced meat miso paste blended with plenty of spices and coriander, topped off with a squeeze of lemon.

Photo 1-4-15 16 04 12Its combination of sweet, sour and spicy-ness reminded me of Japanese-y Mee Siam

One bite and I felt as if my taste buds were hit with a bolt of flavours: the mixture of spiciness, sweetness and tinge of sourness was a truly refreshingly zesty sensation that I personally had never felt before in a ramen dish. I was instantly hooked and practically inhaled my serving!

But that’s not all; further solidifying its image as a ‘ramen café’, a whole smorgasbord of sides and teppan-dishes were also available to complement your meal.

CIMG0061The Beef Tataki comes with a tangy yuzu sauce

Among the eye-bogglingly immense menu, we tried the Kani (Crab) Cream Croquette and the Beef Tataki.

CIMG0064The Kani (Crab) Cream Croquette – oozing with goodness!

Fresh, flavourful and insanely addictive are total understatements when describing these tasty treats. Highly recommended if you’re with friends, looking for ways to complete your meal…or are just really hungry.

SC Exterior

With plans to open a Sake Bar (dubbed BAR IPPUDO) next door in the near future, Ippudo is poised to make this place the ultimate socialising outlet for ramen fans and food fanatics alike.


*Update (24/4/2015): The timing listed in WAttention Singapore Vol. 26 is incorrect. Please note the correct operating hours below. We apologise for any inconvenience caused*

Ippudo SG @ Shaw Centre

Tel. 6235-2547

1 Scotts Road #04-22/23 Shaw Centre

11.30am – 10pm (Last Orders for Ramen at 9:30pm, Last Orders for side dishes at 9pm)



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