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The Ultimate Hunt for Treasure begins! – One Piece Theme Park Exclusive Preview

Our WAttention editors got a sneak peak today of the Tokyo One Piece Tower! Come for us with a quick virtual tour below!


Located at the base of Tokyo Tower (Tokyo Tower Foot Town), and set to open tomorrow, Mar. 13 2015, this intricately designed theme park is a must see for all One Piece fans.


Head on up to the 3rd floor where Luffy and Chopper are waiting to greet you!


Purchase your passport for 3,200 yen (adults), 1,600 yen (children), and head on in!

âÊëú4-AUpon entering, poster-size versions of the most famous scenes from the manga greet you. Walk a little closer, and these drawings come to life, with voices crying out, colors appearing, and lights flashing! One Piece artists created many other original art pieces and animation videos exclusively for this theme park. (Sorry, we couldn’t take any photos of those!)

âÊëú5-CBefore you know it, the whole Straw Hat Pirate Crew is feasting before your eyes, just begging to take a photo with you…


…like this!


Head up one floor (4th floor) where you’ll find eight different attractions, each one themed off a different member of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew!

âÊëú15-DIf there’s one word that summarizes these attractions, it’s “interactive”. Walk through a hall of mirrors…

âÊëú14-C…feel your way through the decks of Chopper‘s ship (yes, it’s okay to touch everything!)…

âÊëú12-A…improve your sword-wielding skills with Zoro

IMG_0630…and show your friends your best samurai pose afterwards!

âÊëú13-ABrook’s Horror House will give a good scare to those who are faint of heart…

âÊëú15-C…and if you think this spinning tunnel of fire doesn’t look intimidating, let’s just say this editor had to hold onto the rail the whole way to keep from falling over.


Win prizes as you shoot enemies with pachinko balls alongside Usopp


…or head to Franky’s Cola Bar for some original food items created specifically for this theme park, like this BBQ meat-filled breadstick and seasoned senbei!


Of course, if there’s one must-see attraction, it’s the “ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION” on the top (5th floor). This live show must be as close to what it would be like to meet the actual One Piece crew in person…


…even more so than this.


However, hands down the most interesting and entertaining aspect of this theme park, is talking with the cast. Their enthusiasm and excitement will truly make you feel like you’ve entered a different world! Also, ask them to share some of the secrets of the park, and they’ll clue you in on some hidden treasures…


…like this men’s (yes, I said men’s) restroom. (I had to double check!)


Head back down to the entrance level and pick up your Chopper and Luffy apparel and accessories before heading home. (Fortunately they don’t cost as much as the prices above!)

If you’re expecting the breadth and scale of Disneyland, you’ll likely be disappointed, but for die-hard fans of this epic manga, a trip to this 3-floor theme park right in the heart of Tokyo will be well worth the trip!

The park officially opens tomorrow, Mar. 13. Tickets can be purchased in advance at your nearest 7-Eleven, or upon arrival at Tokyo Tower. ‪#‎onepiece‬ ‪#‎tokyotower‬ ‪#‎tokyoonepiecetower‬

For more details visit:

Photo Credit: WAttention, Amusequest Tokyo Tower LLP

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Hunt for Treasure begins! – One Piece Theme Park Exclusive Preview

    1. Hi Sakinah! If you want to go through every attraction, as well as have time to just leisurely walk through the theme park, I would think a half-day (4-5 hours) would be sufficient. Hope that helps!


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