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Unusual Japanese Homes – Innovative Interiors

After looking at so many houses with amazing exteriors, let us now focus our eyes on those that are beautiful on the inside. Do you think they are aesthetically pleasing AND / OR functional?

House T, Tokyo

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, this deceptively simple-looking house has a really cool design concept.

Completed in 2012 by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, house T is like a gigantic bookshelf, connected by countless ladders and staircases.

The interior is spacious and each “shelf” serves a different function. However, this house isn’t very child-friendly or energy conserving. Imagine having to climb so many ladders in a day! (The good thing is that you will definitely lose weight!)

Photographs by Hiroyasu Sakaguchi.

Ant-house, Shizuoka

Intrigued by the name? This cuboid home designed by mA-style Architects is dark on the outside, but the interior is lined with yellow plywood.

Countless “windows” were carved out from the walls to allow light to fill the space within.

This seem to resemble an ant mount, where the outside may look ordinary, but the interior is spacious and filled with endless openings and paths.

Photographs by Kai Nakamura.

Tsubomi House, Tokyo

Conceptualized by Flat House, this tiny but compact house is split into 7 levels. Occupying only 26 square metres, it even has room for a small biscuit shop on ground level!

A main staircase connects to all the levels, while the lack of partitioning opens up each room so as to feel less constricted.

Each of the plywood piece is cut into a parallelogram and arranged in a herringbone fashion to enhance the 3D feel.

Photographs by Takumi Ota.

How would you have designed your house?

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