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Japanese-Dessert Perfection – A Trip to Tai-Parfait!

If there’s one thing that fans of Japanese cuisine simply adore, it’s the beautiful, gorgeous, totally awesome entity that is known as dessert!

Whether if it’s traditional delights or more modern treats, people (especially you ladies out there) are always happy to try out the latest sweet-concoctions from Japan.

So how about something that combines both the classic and the contemporary?


That’s right – we got to visit Tai-Parfait‘s newest joint at Plaza Singapura, and got to taste for ourselves what the fuss is about!

Opened in Japan in 2010, Tai-Parfait began with 2 outlets – 1 in Makuhari and the other in Yokohama.


Using premium quality almond powder, incredibly delicious taiyaki (those lovely, fish-shaped pastries) with a crisp exterior and a soft, mochi-like interior are freshly made with your choice of Azuki (Red Bean), Matcha, Chocolate and Custard filling.

These taiyaki are then further topped up with a smorgasbord of additional toppings – fresh cream, ice cream, kinako brown sugar, fruits and more!

These unique looking desserts proved to be a huge hit, and Tai-Parfait proceeded to expand overseas, bringing themselves to Taipei, Indonesia, and of course, Singapore!

We got to speak to one of the ‘Tai-Chefs’ at their Plaza Singapura branch, Asa-san, who helped to answer some of our questions:


WAttention: Hello, Asa-san! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do here?

Asa:  Hello, my name is Asa, and I am one of the chefs here at Tai-Parfait! I have been with Tai-Parfait since its beginning here in Singapore (in 2014) and I now manage the operations at this Plaza Singapura branch.

WAttention: Tell us a little bit about the ingredients and tools you use here!


Asa: Certainly! We make our taiyaki with specially produced moulds imported from Kanagata (金型) – notice the unique fish-shape with its mouth wide open! 

Our flour used for the taiyaki is also imported from Japan, while all our other ingredients are procured from local sources.

WAttention: What kind of people enjoy Tai-Parfait, and what do you think people like about it?

Asa: Tai-Parfait is enjoyed by just about everyone; Singaporeans have taken a great liking to it and we are very happy at the response!

Young children and students are frequent customers, but many young adults, especially women, come as well. Many young people especially like to take pictures of their orders and upload them on Instagram! 

IMG_7385Ooo, sparkly!!

Tai-Parfait’s combination of premium ingredients, as well as the contrasting coldness of the ice cream with the warmth of the taiyaki, give a sensation that is really addictive and pleasing. I think that is what keeps people coming back for more!

WAttention: What is the most challenging aspect of making a Tai-Parfait?

Asa: I find that it is the making of the taiyaki itself that can be very challenging.

IMG_7378IMG_7379Mixing the flour with the fillings

Not only must the flour be mixed properly for the optimal taste, the correct amount must be poured into the mould as well for an even pastry.

The unique shape of Tai-Parfait’s taiyaki is especially tricky, as it is more protruding and less flat than a normal taiyaki. It has to be placed together properly, or the toppings will flow out.


Doing this properly takes a lot of practice – but practice makes perfect!

WAttention: What’s your recommendation?


Asa: The Strawberry Chocolate Tai-Parfait is our best seller here – lots of children and young adults like it!


I would also recommend our Azuki and Matcha fillings, as they are classic Japanese flavours. The Kinako brown sugar is also a good choice as I feel it is a flavour Singaporeans don’t get to try very often.

Asa-san then proceeded to make us our orders and we were more than happy to gobble them down!

As promised, the cold and warm contrasting textures of the ice cream and taiyaki were simply mind-blowing.

IMG_7387IMG_7388My choice – Kinako Brown Sugar with Vanilla Ice cream & custard filling!

The portion was also just about right, with the lightness of the taiyaki being perfectly complemented by the additional ice cream and toppings.


Tasty and value for money – it’s easy to see why Tai-Parfait’s become such a huge hit here in Singapore and the world!

Drop by for a visit at their outlets here:

Plaza Singapura:

Tel: 6238-1464

#B2-49, Plaza Singapura

Mon-Sun 11am – 10pm


Bugis Junction:

Tel: 6333-1500

#B1-03A Bugis Junction

Mon-Sun 11am – 10pm


Vivo City:

Tel: 6376-8017

#B2-K2 VivoCity

Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

Visit them on Facebook as well!


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