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Great snacks for under 200 yen – Tips for the Budget Traveller!

Money is tight for most of us – that’s pretty obvious.

So when you’re a person with a tight budget travelling in a place like Japan, where blowing your money on unnecessary stuff is dangerously easy, you’d tend to be careful with what you eat.


“Let’s scrimp and save money just for main meals!”, is what many would think.

But wait – there’s no need for such sad methods any longer!

Japan is host to many awesome snacks and tidbits to try – so here’s a quick list of some of the best ones for less than 200 yen that won’t break your budget!

#1 Instant Noodles

16096_1022627611085754_6766859796041492453_nNissin’s ‘JACK!’ yakisoba – loaded with habanero, wasabi and chili, it’s a great spicy budget choice!

The ever reliable staple of just about any Japanophile. While many generally perceive the act of relying on instant noodles to be a very sober and plain affair, such is not the case in reality!

namekoNissin’s Cheese Curry Cup ramen – a modern favourite!

Many instant noodles these days come in a wide variety of flavours, types (usually ramen, udon or yakisoba), and variations. Top up a bit more yen, and you can sometimes even get an even larger portion.

While not every brand is made equal, you’re guaranteed at the very least, an interesting experience!

#2 Candies

Pure Cola & Lemon flavoured gummies!

Another great staple of Japanese-snackdom, candies come in literally all shapes and sizes.

249001_667105256637993_687614142_nSome budget chewing-candies from Daiso that cost only 100 yen each! 

From chewing candies to mints and the ever-popular gummies, you’re never ever with limited options.


Character-themed gummies are especially popular with children, sometimes even coming with premiums like trading cards, yay!

With most candies rarely exceeding 120 yen or so, there’s no harm in trying as many as you can  – just remember to brush your teeth!

 #3 Onigiri


We had previously talked about how awesome Konbini (Convenience Stores) were in a previous entry.

While konbini hold many snacking treasures, one of the best there is easily their fine selection of onigiri.

Coming in a wide variety of fillings, onigiri are always satisfying and extremely cheap. Some konbini even offer promotions, making them even cheaper!

#4 Drinks

Japan is no slouch when it comes to beverages either!

Canned coffee is one of the main staples here with dozens of brands out there competing for your change. Juices, colas, energy drinks and even plain water round out your wide array of choices.

10393812_1022459394435909_201867517036372616_nCOLA SHOCK! – shockingly cheap cola!

While all these are easy to find in vending machines, I’d also suggest you try some special ‘budget drinks’ that cost only 100 yen!

#5 ‘Designer’ Treats


Manneken chocolate waffles!

Believe it or not, not all stylish/designer-like/limited-edition things are expensive, especially when it comes to snacks in Japan!

1486674_857546197593897_732669132_n“Otona no Every Burger” – dark-chocolate burger-like biscuits with vanilla fillings!

While hardly filling on their own, trying out the occasional limited-quantity curiosity can be a fun time, often giving you new flavours to otherwise common snacks, or even totally new experiences!

10609636_1021622744519574_4855528738668347920_nCalbee’s Mentai-Cheese potato chips!

 The next time you’re in Japan, why not ‘spice’ your day up a bit more and try one of these fun little goodies?



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