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Unusual Japanese Homes – Oddly Shaped

House in Saijo, Hiroshima

Shaped like a pyramid, this house by Suppose Design Office was inspired by ancient Japanese pit-dwelling houses originating from the Jomon period.

A hole was dug in the middle and the soil used to make the mounts surrounding the house, protecting the glass-covered ground floor from prying eyes.

The ground floor is arranged around the central staircase, such as the living room and dining area.

Natural sunlight illuminates the interior of the house through the glass walls and via the open space at the top of the pyramid.

Photographs from Suppose Design Office.

Pentagonal House, Nagoya

Comprising of five radiating walls internally, Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio created this pentagonal house to maximise usage of the available space.

With tall ceiling and wide spaces, all five rooms open up towards the middle. This is the perfect house for large families that enjoy communal living.

Construction materials were mostly of wood, which is beautiful aesthetically. Narrow corners can also be used for functional purposes such as shelves in the bathroom.

Photographs by Shinichi Watanabe.

Nagasawa Dental Clinic and House, Tokyo

Do you wish your workplace is just a few minutes away? Architect Kunihiko Matsuba’s design incorporates both office and home as one structure, which resembles building blocks stacked on top of one another. The house is delicately balanced above two other similar white boxes – the garage and clinic respectively.

Both the layout and interior is minimalistic, making use of the colour white to brighten the house and give it a clean look.

The only way to enter the house is by the staircase which connects to the ground, so that one still does not mix work and family time.

Photographs by Taishi Hirokawa.

Isn’t it nice to live in a house that is so different from our usual HDBs?

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