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Naturally Beautiful Skin – VECUA Honey products review


Being a big fan of natural skin-care products, I was asked to give a review on the Wonder Honey range by VECUA Honey for a few days.

Made in Japan, all VECUA Honey’s makeup and skincare products contain only natural ingredients, so it is healthy for my skin. I found the floral or fruity fragrance in the products to be very pleasant, especially since all of them contain honey. As moisture retention is an important element in their products, your skin can be protected and renewed each day.

I love animals and will avoid using products that have been tested on animals, thankfully VECUA Honey does not endorse in animal testing.

Honey Dew Hand Cream Gift Kit, $36


This limited edition gift kit consists of miniature hand creams of various flavours, such as White Rose, Green Tea Mint, Maple Honey, Citrus Sorbet and Peach Compote. With adorable designs and a convenient packaging, it is a perfect little gift for special occasions such as birthdays, or to give it to someone who is just starting on skincare!

Honey Dew Hand Cream [Maple Honey], $16


Portable and kawaii, this hand cream will very well be my daily to-go item! Worried about dry skin or cracking fingertips? Fret not! Rich in royal jelly, walnut and birch bark extract, this honey scented cream has a tiny hint of maple to brighten my day. Non-sticky and gentle, use it every day to achieve youthful and soft hands!

Concentrated Honey Cream Balm, $29


Stay moisturized with VECUA Honey’s triple butter fusion consisting of shea butter, cocoa butter and honey butter. I love the mild fragrance of honey in this rich balm, which can be applied for both the face and body. It does not stick to the body after use but leaves the skin feeling refreshed. Choose from several designs such as Honey, Squirrels or Snow.

Honey Dew Nail & Hair Oil [Fresh Citrus], $25


Although it says “oil”, it did not feel extremely greasy after rubbing all over my nails. There is a distinct lemon scent but is not too overpowering after application. I like how it gave my nails some “shine”! Moreover, the combination of oils, vitamins and honey is especially good for those with weak nails, like mine! For those with split ends or damaged hair tips, this oil can also be applied to nourish your hair.

Honey Dew Nail Cream, $22


For those who are troubled by weak nails, try this nail cream to moisturize and protect them! Shea butter and beeswax are incorporated into the cream to provide nourishment for the cells in your nails and skin. I also applied this cream to rough areas such as elbows, knees and heels to soften the skin there.

Honey Dew Lip Essence [Rose], $22


With texture like honey, this lip essence gives off a pleasant fragrance of honey with a twinge of rose. Application is easy and does not leave behind a sticky feeling, nor is there any clumps between the lips. The colour was close to my actual lip colour, giving rise to a natural yet glossy appearance. This is perfect with some light makeup for a casual day out, or to brighten my lips for school.

Honey Dew Lip Gommage (Lip Scrub), $19


This honey-infused lip scrub is gentle on the lips while effectively removing dead skin. Even our lips need to be cared for! Regular use can help to prevent chapping and retains moisture for a brighter lipstick colour!

Apart from cosmetic products, VECUA Honey also caters to hair and body care with their Honey Nature range!

Interested to buy? They are available in Singapore’s Tokyu Hands (Westgate & Orchard Central). Check out their offers and shop for their products online or click through each picture for more information!

Featured image taken from VECUA Honey’s Facebook page.

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