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Visit the Heart of Japan – 5 Great Things to do in Gifu!

Tired of the daily grind? Grown weary of concrete jungles? In search of the ultimate getaway?

Such a place that offers you all this and more does exist and we’re talking about none other than the “Heart of Japan” itself – Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県)! 

Located in the central Chubu region of Japan, Gifu is home to the northern stretch of the Japan alps. This unique geographical setting makes Gifu the ideal place for a ‘different’ sort of trip!

#1 A ‘Fairy-Tale’ Village Stay!


What better way to get away from it all than to stay in a village that makes you feel like you’ve transported to another world?

Shirakawa-go village is famous for its amazingly well-preserved Gassho-Zukuri farmhouses. Specially made to withstand the heavy winter weather, these houses are also a UNESCO world heritage site!

#2 Stroll through colourfully historical Takayama!

10849756_812319415481560_5430756013132407317_n (1)

Takayama and Hida Furukawa are 2 must-see spots if you love historical sights!

Well preserved and time-honoured, the Takayama Festival is not to be missed, as the streets are filled with parades of colourful floats!

#3 Onsen Hopping in Okuhida


Being located along the Northern alps of Japan, Gifu and the city of Okuhida is host to many onsen resorts, such as the Hotakaso Yamano Hotel.

Hopping onto the Shinhotaka Ropeway to the mountaintops for a great, panoramic view of the Northern Alps that Gifu’s so well-known for!

#4 Relax & Recharge at Gero!


Loaded with a multitude of facilities such as onsen ryokans, public baths, free foot baths and open-air baths, everything about Gero Onsen has been tailored to make it the perfect relaxation spot.

See for yourself why Gero Onsen has been listed as one of the 3 most famed hot springs in Japan!

#5 Taking a hike back through time!


Connecting Kyoto and Edo-period Tokyo is Magome-juku – one of the post towns on the ancient Nakasendo highway.

Take a stroll along these stone-paved roads and feel like a traveller back in the old days for an unforgettable hike!

Getting there

800px-Meitetsu_2000_system_and_2200_system_trains(Photo source: Wikitravel)

You can get to Gifu Prefecture by taking the Meitetsu Line from Chubu Centrair International Aiport in Nagoya.

For great packages to Gifu and to catch the Takayama Festival, try Japan Deluxe Tours!


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