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Hotel-Hunting – great places to stay for the Budget Traveller!

When one travels to another country, one obviously needs a place to stay.

Unless if you’re adept in the ways of living in cardboard boxes (I’m not judging!), or you’re fortunate enough to have a friend who can accommodate you, that choice is usually that of a hotel.

Finding the right place to stay in Japan can be difficult however; lodging tends to be expensive, especially in areas like Tokyo. With high living costs and limited space, I’ve often ended up with a hotel room that’s little more than an overpriced shoebox.

Which is why I’ve done this quick & easy list of hotels that I’ve been to that were great on the body – and the wallet!

Sunshine City – a hotel near this mall is a great location in Ikebukuro! (Photo source: Open Buildings)

Do take note that this list is by no means definitive, it’s merely my recollection of hotels that I’ve been to that I felt were a great balance of location, cost and facilities.

Hotel Newstar

newstarsPhoto source:

Located near the West Exit of the JR Ikebukuro station, Hotel Newstar is still a bit of a walk away and can be a tad tricky to find.

newstars2Photo source:

Despite this, it’s still a nice place to stay, with free internet provided in all rooms, a free-to-use PC in the lobby, and a location that’s quiet yet not too far away from the main streets of Ikebukuro.

newstars3Photo source:

As a small added bonus, it’s also near the Kamen Rider Diner yippee!

Dormy Inn

dormyinn3Photo source: dormy inn

A large franchise, Dormy Inn has hotels located around many locations in Japan.

dormyinn2Photo source: dormy inn

While some of their hotels are located a little far away from your usual main city-attractions, the sheer amount of facilities each Dormy Inn provides for the price make it quite worthwhile.

dormyinnPhoto source: dormy inn

Gorgeous Japanese-styled rooms and even onsens make Dormy Inns a good ‘complete’ experience!

Hotel Mystays

mystays3Photo source: hotel mystays

Another large-chain of hotels, Hotel Mystays provides a great, pseudo modern/minimalistic lodging experience that’s reasonably priced and in great locations.

mystaysPhoto source: hotel mystays

My personal favourite is Hotel Mystays Higashi-Ikebukuro, as it’s really near Sunshine City (a mega mall with plenty of shops, restaurants and attractions!) and isn’t too far away from the station.

mystays2Photo source: hotel mystays 

What’s also great is that many of these hotels have tons of great konbini nearby to fulfil just about any need quickly & easily.

Staying in Japan need not be a stressful, expensive affair! Just make sure you search for good deals early (I use, and keep your options open!






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