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Garibaldi – Where Italy Meets Japan!

When a place is famed for its food, one would often find it influencing the cuisine of other countries.

While it would be easy to classify such foods as ‘fusion cuisine’, Japanese cuisine has also created another sub-genre of food on its own – Wafu (和風).

Literally meaning ‘Japanese styled’, Wafu cuisine is an arguably more refined and smooth integration of cultures. Rather than forcefully trying to use an out-of-place ingredient in a dish, Wafu cuisine instead, blends them together in a far more elegant manner, bringing the best out of everything.

Garibaldi Logo B&W

Take for instance, Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar’s newest Christmas tasting menu.

Sticking strictly to traditional Italian recipes, while using several of Japan’s most famed foods as key ingredients to create dishes that are literally the best of both worlds!


Hokkaido Scallops with Truffled Emulsion!

Steamed Spanner Crab with Carelian Caviar!

I had the awesome-chance to interview the Executive Chef and Owner of Garibaldi, Chef Roberto Galetti, and got to ask him some questions:


WAttention: Hello Chef Roberto! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself!

Chef Roberto: Hello! I am Roberto Galetti, the owner and founder of Garibaldi and the Garibaldi Group of restaurants.

I started my career at 14 years old, when I learnt how to cook. My first kitchen experience was in Italy. I decided to move on and begin my adventure in cooking as a career when I reached 20, by moving to London.

I had the great benefit to work in many other beautiful locations since then like Salzburg, Buenos Aires, Argentina and more, getting to serve many important clients like big stars like Maradona to Presidents. 

While I had a great time working for many amazing establishments and people, I eventually decided to take the risk and open my own restaurant in Singapore.

After moving here in 1999, I opened Garibaldi in 2003, and we have been very successful ever since!

WAttention: What was it like for you working in Japan, and what about it inspired you to create this new menu?

Chef Roberto: I admit it was very scary for me at first when I moved there in 1997.

It was a completely new world to me – everything looked so different, and nothing was in English!

After a while though, I slowly began to get used to it and fell in love with Japan. I loved how there is always something new and exciting to look forward to every season.


Tagliatelle with Challans Duck Ragout!

I learnt many interesting and wonderful things about Japanese cuisine and dining culture, and I wanted to bring this to my customers.

WAttention: What can we look forward to in this new menu?

Chef Roberto: All the dishes are made following traditional Italian recipes, but using Japan’s best ingredients. We have the Hokkaido scallops, the delicious Kagoshima Wagyu Beef, and more.

Kagoshima Wagyu Beef (A4) with Prorcini Mushroom!

I have made sure that everything at Garibaldi; from the food to the warm service and even the interior design; is made to make every customer feel at home and comfortable, especially for the coming holiday season.

Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Gelato!

I hope that when you think ‘Italian’ or ‘Good Food’, you think ‘Garibaldi’!


Thank you to Chef Roberto for his time!

Visit Garibaldi at their Facebook Page!


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