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Unusual Japanese Homes – Light vs. Privacy

Japan is known for its sleek and minimalist designs in architecture and interior. However, there are also many “weird’ and unusual homes that have sprung up over the years. This trend is well-explained here.

We have sourced around the interwebs to entertain you with some of these unique homes, beginning with “Light vs. Privacy” in this new series.

Do you think they are “yay” or “nay”?

House NA, Tokyo

Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, this beautiful, transparent house was inspired by our aboreal ancestors who perfected the art of tree-top living.

The idea behind it is that not that the house resembles a tree, but the experience of communal living is like the old times.

Take a visual tour into this light-filled, modern treehouse.

Photographs by Iwan Baan.

Outside In House, Yamanashi

Takeshi Hosaka Architects takes their design to a higher level with this “outside house”.

Built as layers with indoor elements added gradually, this brings about the impression that the dining and recreation area had been relocated to the exterior.

Photographs by Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc.

House in Tousuien, Hiroshima

If you want a little more privacy and still have natural light, would this translucent house by Suppose Design Office be better?

While the exterior may look like a storage container, the interior is spacious and simple.

Photograph by Takumi Ota.

Photographs by Takumi Ota and Toshiyuki Yano.

Do you know of any other cool houses in Japan with similar concepts?

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