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Okinawa – The Cultural Hub of Japan!

It’s no surprise that Japan is a great place for a holiday.

For cultural sights, Kyoto fits the bill. Up for great eats? Osaka is a popular choice.


Beautiful beaches await you at Okinawa!

But seasoned travellers tend to find themselves constantly asking, “What’s next?”, wondering where to head to satisfy their insatiable wanderlust.

To this there is but one answer – Okinawa!

Situated at the southern most tip of the Japanese archipelago, Okinawa stands out as a unique subtropical island within Japan for many reasons.



Many of Okinawa’s structures have very distinct Chinese influences!

Okinawa’s geographical location has allowed it to have a long historical background of trade and interaction with China and many other Asian countries.


This has led to Okinawa getting a good amount of external influences, lending it a unique flair to just about every aspect of its very being.

Everything about Okinawa has its own flair; from the language to the cultural sights, and especially the food!


Okinawa_2405sJust a few of Okinawa’s amazing vegetables!

And what food there is – Okinawa’s tropical weather has led it to produce some of the most delicious foods around.

b5xa2su68ofzn57wgy7o-1a57999eAgu Pork is famed for its great flavour! (Photo: Okinawa2Go)

Agu Pork, fresh fish, and nutritious vegetables are just the tip of the iceberg in Okinawa’s impressively diverse culinary offerings that are both delicious and healthy.

8146307_xlOkinawan Farmers adhere strictly to time-tested methods of produce!

Recognising the quality & appeal of Okinawan produce, the island has now fully embraced its role as an International Hub and importing vegetables & food all over Singapore and Asia!

貨物ターミナル上空図Okinawan produce is now imported internationally both quickly & effectively!

Okinawan fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are easily available all across Singapore – giving you a delicious new choice!

Food is such a way of life for Okinawans that much of its produce is still grown using traditional methods to preserve its quality – and it’s no surprise that many people here have very long life expectancies!


島ニンジンリボンサラダ ニンジンドレッシングでSome delicious dishes!

Okinawa is a huge mixture of various cultures, and it certainly wears this fact proudly, taking its role as a ‘cultural hub’ of Japan.

okinawaOkinawans are famed for their long-life spans! (Photo: Blue Zones)


For a one-of-a-kind experience within Japan, Okinawa should be high on your list!

Getting there:

Many airlines now offer direct flights to Okinawa – getting there is easier than ever before!

We recommend:


ANA (Return trip, from S$1,130~)


JAL (Return trip, from S$1,100~)


Jetstar (Return trip, from S$1,000~)


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One thought on “Okinawa – The Cultural Hub of Japan!

  1. Hmm not exactly direct though, Jetstar stops over at Taipei and Osaka!
    and Ana and Japan stops over at Tokyo or other parts in Japan

    Either wait and see if Silkair will once again organized its chartered flights to Okinawa, which might also mean following on a tour package,
    try go taipei and hongkong then go peach


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