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Wagyu Chowdown – A visit to ITO-KACHO!

I used to be the sort that had the school of thought that “Good food is extremely expensive”.

I figured that if I wanted to eat well, I’d better be ready to bust my wallet and go on a grass-based diet for the rest of the month. Fortunately, we live in awesome times these days, and such a mantra is no longer needed, especially when places like Ito-Kacho exist.

ItoKacho_2302Ito-Kacho is located at Mandarin Gallery

It was a critical evening – I had immense beef cravings, I was tired from a long day at work and wanted a good meal, and I was with a date that had a voracious appetite.

ItoKacho_2303sI’ll have some of that…and some of that…

The benefits of a place like Ito-Kacho, which offers high-quality, Grade A4 Wagyu yakitori at good value, certainly came into great importance.

Located in the swanky Mandarin Gallery, the friendly service was a great start to the evening. We proceeded to order the Medium (580g) Take-set.

ItoKacho_2306Oooh, let’s have some of THAT too!

At a very reasonable price, we were provided with several cuts of Wagyu Naka-Bara, Tomo-Bara, Kainomi, as well as US-bred Jo-Karubi, Rosu and some Tsubo-Zuke Karubi.

ItoKacho_2301The sizzling hot grill made cooking the meat quick & easy!

Fresh (all wagyu here is chilled, not frozen, and kept no longer than 55 days), juice and plentiful, we proceeded to devour the meat at a lightning quick pace amidst the comfortable & relaxing ambience.

Even our extra order of chicken turned out far better than we expected, being well marinated and extremely juicy.

Great quality wagyu, wonderful atmosphere, all at a very reasonable price? More, please!


For more information, head to Ito-Kacho’s website and make your reservation today at 6836-0111



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