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♪♫ Shine bright like a diamond ♫♪ – Japan's Best Illumination Festivals!

Every winter, parts of Tokyo and the whole of Japan try to out-do each another by putting up spectacular illumination works that dazzle. These light shows are getting bigger, fancier and more technologically advanced!

Unable to travel to Japan this year end? Want to create lovely memories with your family and friends? Fret not! Let us feast our eyes upon these brilliance from in front of the computer screen LOL.

Just within Tokyo, there are at least six breath-taking illuminations to look forward to:

Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS @ Ebisu



名称未設定 1

8 Nov – 12 Jan 2015

Double happiness this year as Baccarat celebrates 250 years of history, and Ebisu Garden Place’s 15th anniversary. Renowned designer Yasumichi Morita’s magnificent chandelier, topped with crystals and mirrors, will enchant all who see it!

Caretta Illumination 2014 @ Shiodome


13 Nov – 12 Jan 2015 | from 5pm onwards

Basked in the cool, blue glow emitted by 250,000 shining LED lights in this year’s Canyon d’Azur (光の渓谷へ). Located somewhere within the compound is a pillar of light, almost like a staircase to heaven. Enhancing this experience are drops of light that appear to fall from the sky.

Bright Christmas 2014 @ Marunouchi


13 Nov – 15 Feb 2015 | 5pm – 11pm (24hrs during Christmas)

Using solar and wind-derived energy to inject warmth this winter, Marunouchi’s “eco-illumination” promises to brighten the streets while helping Mother Earth. Also on display is Disney’s “Timeless Story“, featuring characters from Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Star Wars and more!

Omotesando Hills Christmas 2014


6 Nov – 25 Dec 2014 | 11am – 11pm

The star of this year’s “Symphonic Forest” is a gigantic, gorgeous musical tree, which will impress shoppers with its melodious performance. Through a combination of rich sounds from the violin, harp, church music and more, shoppers will be showered with lights and sounds, a truly Christmas-y experience!

Midtown Christmas 2014 @ Roppongi


13 Nov – 25 Dec 2014

Journey into space by this bright trail beginning with the colourful “Welcome Tree”, followed by a series of brilliantly lit trees. The main attraction is “Starlight Garden”, a plaza of stick illumination technology that reflects our beautiful galaxy and induces a feeling of weightlessness. End the trail at the playful and adorable “Santa Tree”, which is everybody’s favourite.

Keyakizaka GALAXY @ Roppongi

Illumi-2P-Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka_Roppongi-01

Illumi-2P-Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka_Roppongi-02

4 Nov – 25 Dec 2014 | 5pm – 11pm

Indulge in two fantastic splashes of colour with “SNOW & BLUE” and “CANDLE & RED” – which will light up Roppongi Hills and create the joyous mood of Christmas. Couples can pledge their love to each other when you spot the ♥♥♥ Hidden Heart ♥♥♥, which appears for only 5mins every hour!

Are you dazzled yet?



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