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Report of a Culture-Fanatic – A trip to the Japanese Handicrafts Fair!

Japan has always had one of the largest sources of extremely talented craftsmen.

Combining both traditional methods and materials together with modern sensibilities and usage in mind, Japanese craftsmen are world renowned for being able to make stuff that’s classy, stylish, traditional and just plain cool.

Being able to purchase, much less see, such things is rare in Singapore however. But lo and behold!


Situated at WAttention Plaza at Jurong Point Shopping Centre is the Japanese Handicrafts Fair!


Happening from 7th – 16th November 2014, the Japanese Handicrafts Fair is the biggest accumulation of booths showcasing and selling a variety of awesome traditional Japanese handicrafts!


I had the task of heading down to the fair to check things out. Here’s a rundown of what’s in store:


Hakata Dolls 





With their snow-white skin, gentle features and intricately designed make-up and outfit detailing, these traditional dolls were really eye-catching!

DSC_0050Isn’t she gorgeous? Sorry folks, she’s taken!

Whether as a gift or a purchase for yourself, each and every doll is handmade and unique in its features. Definitely a centrepiece for any collection!

Metal Clasp Bags



Truly a fusion of old & new, these bags use premium materials and supremely intricate designs to create a ‘cross-cultural’ product.

DSC_0056 DSC_0055

Designs ranged from traditional patterns to even more contemporary designs. Despite the elegant look, these bags are durable and trendy looking, making for terrific gifts!


Shinju Pearls 


Often dubbed ‘Mermaid Tears’, these pearls have a lovely, natural glossy-shine to them and are extremely popular with women.



What really made them stand out were their colour variations that were subtle, yet really intriguing. Simple, yet very lovely and elegant!


Nambu Ironware & Edo-Kiriko Glass


If there was ever a thought that was little else to the humble pot and cup, this booth would definitely prove otherwise!

DSC_0073 DSC_0072 DSC_0071

Intricately and painstakingly made using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations, the Nambu Ironware pots and Edo-Kiriko glasses are considered the ‘definitive’ tools for important occasions.

DSC_0081The detail is mind-blowing!

From tea ceremonies to dining parties, there’s no better way to add a bit of extra culture into your event than with these!

Inden Deerskin Craft


Made with processed deerskin, Inden has had its place in Japanese tradition for decades.


Originally used to adorn parts of Samurai armour, Inden is now also used with intricately woven patterns to make these gorgeous bags and wallets.

Durable and gorgeous!


Forged Blades


Everyone knows that Japan takes its sushi and sashimi seriously. What’s the best way to show that earnestness in serving a properly cut-piece of fish or meat?

DSC_0085A chef’s ever-reliable tool!

By having the best steel to cut it with of course!


Japanese knives are regarded as some of the best in the world – and being able to see them up close was utterly awe-inspiring!

DSC_0087 DSC_0088

But that wasn’t all; other blade by-products are also available, like this innovative foldable pair of scissors that can be used as a keychain!


Chopping Boards


The best partner to an awesome knife is a great chopping board, and there’s no better place to get one than here!


Made from gingko trees, these chopping boards aren’t your run-of-the-mill products in the least. These boards are tough and durable enough to resist cuts, odours, and are even waterproof!


This makes them not only last long, but extremely safe & hygienic to use as unwanted liquids and bacteria won’t seep into any would-be hairline crack whatsoever. Impressive!


DSC_0103 DSC_0100

Building up on the wood-theme were these Kokeshi wood dolls.

DSC_0106A cool video showing how they’re made! Watch the video HERE!

A familiar sight to anyone who has ever delved deeply into Japanese culture, these Kokeshi are individually hand-made – carving, detailing, painting and all!

DSC_0098Hard at work!

Distinct for their lack of limbs & large heads, these high-quality souvenirs certainly look great on display at just about anywhere. What’s even cooler is being to see them being made – right at the booth!

DSC_0108Such a charming face is hard to say “no” too!

Interested in an up-close and personal slice of Japanese culture and history? Then the Japanese Handicrafts Fair is where you want to be!!

Wattention Plaza Logo_141010-01

WAttention Plaza is located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre!

Check out more photos on our Facebook Page, as well as more information at the WAttention Plaza Facebook Page!


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