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The Prince cometh – WAttention’s Kabuki-Noh Ticket Giveaway!

When one talks about Japanese Performing Arts, it’s impossible to not mention 2 of the biggest classics – Kabuki and Noh.



Kabuki, being essentially Japanese Opera, is well-known for its elaborate costumes, stages and props. But what truly makes it stand out is how every single action performed at a Kabuki is highly stylised and exaggerated.


Every step, jerk, swagger and word uttered is done in a deliberately over-the-top manner that’s definitely memorable and attention-grabbing.


Noh is without a doubt, one of Japan’s oldest forms of performing arts. It is meticulous and careful, with every single element from the stage to the floors crafted to ensure that every performance is as effective as possible.

Noh’s most characteristic element is of course, the masks that every performer dons. Coming in a wide variety of designs from simple to elaborate, these Noh masks represent various characters and even emotions.


One of Japan’s most prolific performing arts actors is Ebizo Ichikawa XI. As his name implies, he is the Eleventh member of the prestigious Ichikawa clan to inherit the name of Ebizo.


Charismatic, talented and bold, he is the Producer of JAPAN THEATER; a production that aims to bring Japanese Performing Arts to the world in innovative new ways.

What new ways you may ask?

By bringing Kabuki and Noh together in one dynamic performance – and coming to Singapore this 14th – 16th November 2014! 

This is an exciting showcase of awesome talent that’s a must-see for fans of Japanese Culture.

What makes this better is that we’re having a 



We’re giving away 3 pairs of VIP tickets (worth $185 each) to catch the show on the 15th November 7:30 pm  the show timing has now been changed to 16th November, 3.30pm

Simply share this blog post and comment on what you like about Japanese Culture on Facebook by the 9th November, 6pm!

3 lucky winners will be announced on the 10th November – good luck!!

*Tickets are to be collected at WAttention Singapore’s office

*Winners will be notified by Facebook Private Message


For more details, head to:


An individual of questionable sanity who obsesses over Japanese pop-culture, toys, and other shiny things.

5 thoughts on “The Prince cometh – WAttention’s Kabuki-Noh Ticket Giveaway!

  1. I’m loving japanese culture simply because the masks that every performer dons which is unique compared to other cultures. Coming in a wide variety of designs from simple to elaborate, these Noh masks represent various characters and even emotions in it.


  2. A little update folks – the tickets are for the 3:30pm matinee on the 16th of November instead. The post has been updated accordingly – sorry for the inconvenience!


  3. I love Kabuki & Noh and this is a triple WHAMMY! with Ichikawa-san! **swoon..
    I only get to watch from the top floor of Kabuki-za or Shochiku-za.
    Everything – from the striped curtains, the koto & shamisen players, elaborate costumes and makeup, stage props… *faints…
    Please let me win the tickets so I get to breathe the same air with Ichikawa-san!! Onegaishimasu….


  4. i stumbled upon Japanese language at a young age of 7 and didnt know about its rich culture and heritage till 10 years later. my feet has nv stepped on Japan soil and I wish to go there one day to experience what i watch on tv. i shared your post on my fb and i hope to win tickets!


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