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The Konbini & You – An ode to the Japanese Convenience Store

You might have heard your friends sing praises about them.

You might even have visited them a few times yourself in your past trips.

But (at the danger of sounding like a gushing fanboy) truly, not enough can be said about just how versatile, useful, welcoming, and just all-around awesome the Japanese Convenience Store (aka Konbini) are.

How are Konbini awesome you ask?

#1 Great, reasonably-priced food that fits all seasons and occasions.

10620727_1021424404539408_271586009762806325_nA delicious ham-and-cheese French Toast Sandwich. Sorry, it’s all mine.

Food in Konbinis are almost always of a very high-standard, but it’s also far more diverse than many might realise.

10599181_1017911754890673_9129938835348767751_nHi-Chew sweets flavoured after famous Prefecture fruits!

From snack foods to quick-bites, Konbini also adequately provide alternatives for full meals for people on the go.

10609636_1021622744519574_4855528738668347920_nMentai-flavoured chips

Chips for snacking, sandwiches for a lightning quick-yet-satisfying breakfast, bentos for lunches – the list goes on.


#2 Providing of essential & convenient services

It’s a strange, strange world we live in where it comes as a surprise to us when a convenience store is actually, well, convenient.

Okinawa Family Mart 148image:

But that’s exactly what Konbini strive to be; offering a bevy of services like ATMs, as well as selling just about any essential product under the sun.

Need quick cash? Looking for batteries? Perhaps you need an umbrella, hair wax, or a way to top up your Suica card?

Konbinis have you covered.


#3 Limited-edition goodies


A slightly lesser-known, but still awesome fact, Konbini often go above and beyond to stay ahead of the pack in the highly competitive market. That’s where collaborations come in – such as tie-ins with popular anime franchises!

10660288_1021058751242640_5182050218730520752_nA ‘G Prize’ from a Neon Genesis Evangelion Kuji.

From special products, premium foods, and ‘Kujis’ (limited-run lucky draw contests) that give you a chance to win exclusive merchandise, hardcore fans of specific anime franchises would do well to keep their eyes peeled. You’d never know when something cool would pop up!




An individual of questionable sanity who obsesses over Japanese pop-culture, toys, and other shiny things.

3 thoughts on “The Konbini & You – An ode to the Japanese Convenience Store

  1. Ya got it all right there!
    These are the qualities that makes Japan’s konbini feels so different from any other countries’ convenience store, even the ones in Taiwan.
    Always a nice last trip before I head to bed in my stay in Japan (also a good time to buy some tasty breakfast)

    Do check out various Konbini in different parts of japan for different, localised gifts. I got a Suwa-hime figurine at Suwa City, their local mascot!

    Liked by 1 person

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