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Donburi – The Budget Traveller’s ultimate food source!


Money is important. Food is important too.

Most people know that these two ever-important factors of life become all the more critical when one is on an overseas trip.

While certainly a lot more affordable than ever before, Japan still remains a potentially expensive place to visit, especially for the unprepared.

No one likes to scrimp and compromise on the quantity and quality of one’s meals, especially during a holiday trip. But never fear, budget traveller, there is a solution!

channel-matsuyameals-1Matsuya, one of the more dominant Donburi restaurants in Japan.

Enter – the Donburi Restaurant.

With their minimalist interior deco and occasionally cramped seating arrangements, one would be forgiven for not finding these joints particularly inviting at first. But beneath their no-frills appearance lies a bastion of budget cuisines.

art-009861A Donburi set that costs about 300 yen!

Several brands dominate the scene; Matsuya, Yoshinoya and Suki-ya to name a few; but they all provide a similar experience – quick, filling, yet tasty rice-based dishes for the hungry traveller!

10599171_1022415077773674_7161170676610913944_nA Barbequed Pork Donburi with an additional half-boiled egg for just 420 yen at Matsuya.

Beef Donburi are the main offerings at these restaurants, but one can also add side dishes like salads, soups and eggs to their taste. Other dishes come in the form of Pork bowls, Curry Rices, and even breakfast sets.

18c905c61b2e23330a41aa2b4d1a1d57Meal tickets

Using an ingenious yet simple ticketing machine to take orders (insert money, pick your selection and hand your ticket to the server), your food always comes to you quick and piping hot, ready to be eaten.

channel-matsuyameals-3You can even choose to take-out your food.

With Donburi restaurants having 1000s of outlets all across every nook and cranny in Japan, you’re rarely far away from a quick, cheap and satisfying bite to eat.

And it helps me to save more money for splurging at Akihabara.



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