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Diners’ Delight – A trip to Oishii Japan 2014

Food is awesome – that’s a pretty universally accepted fact.

Japan is also awesome – which is yet another point many of us would agree on.

Of course, WAttention is ever-present! Hohoho

So when one puts two awesome things together; Food & Japan; what you get is pretty much what Oishii Japan 2014 is about – the very best of food and produce from every Prefecture in Japan!

The World Green Tea Association

Like a child in a candy store, I thus unleashed my inner-glutton when given the redundant instruction to “Walk around and sample what you can here” and almost ran about wolfing down whatever delicacy I could find.

Beautiful, luscious sweet potatoes! 

The ever-popular puddings and cheese cakes!

Wagyu that’s as great to look at as it is to eat!

To say the variety was exhaustive is a massive understatement – just about every Prefecture is represented here from dairy products from Hokkaido, fruits from Ibaraki, a whole slew of Wagyu offerings and much much more.

Yet, despite the smorgasbord of booths, I didn’t find myself overwhelmed or confused in the least bit.

Soba from Watanabe – delicious food served with a smile!

Booths were clearly and boldly marked; from the Prefecture they came from to the kind of product they were selling. Every product was also cleanly and clearly presented, with dozens of booth staff at every turn eagerly greeting me and ever-ready to show me their amazing wares.

What gave me a pleasant surprise though, was how well represented food-related products were.

Pots, cups, and the ever-important knives, were also well presented here with an impressive range of products at very reasonable prices.

Complete with a fully featured Food Street seating & dining area, Oishii Japan certainly made me feel welcomed – and fully fed!

Get more information on Oishii Japan 2014 at their website!

See more photos at our Facebook album!




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