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Pocket Wi-Fi – Your new best travel buddy!

If there were 2 things in the world that I had to admit to if held at gunpoint, it would be:

  • I love making any kind of excuse to go to Japan for a quick getaway as often as possible
  • I am a slave to the internet

While Point #1 is something a quick budget trip (and some approved leave) can easily fix, Point #2 can sometimes be a daunting matter.

Let’s admit it – we ALL are in one way or another, addicted, or at the very least, reliant on the internet. The urge to check on our e-mails, Facebook messages, and especially to share a cool photo you just took on your smartphone, is very real indeed.


Spend too much money on phone bills, and this is probably all one would be able to eat….

As connected and modern a country as Japan is, a consistently reliable Wi-Fi spot outside the vicinity of your own hotel is not always available, and taking a dance with the data-roaming devil almost always results in a heart-attack inducing bill.


Enter, a new secret weapon that more and more travelers are starting to become savvy of – the Portable Wi-Fi device!!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – with this lovely little gadget, you literally are your own Wi-Fi spot with speeds that are as good as any Starbucks, McDonalds, or any other café which you’d normally have to leech a connection off from!

This baby has a connection speed of up to 75Mbps, and can even support up to 10 devices connecting to it at once. Simply turn it on, connect to it through your smartphone/tablet, and enter the password on the front label and presto – you can now show everyone that wacky meal you just had and live the moment!


I’m sorry, I was too ‘in the moment’…

The battery lasts for about 5-7 hours or so, but I found myself keeping it on a charge at all times to be safe. It also tends to operate best when in a location with good reception. To its credit, I only had it drop on me once during a 10-day trip, and a simple reboot was all it took to get myself back online again.

The only *real* catch is that you would need to book a device for yourself at least a few days in advance. (I got mine from It’s still very convenient though, as you can pick up your device from the airport, or even have it delivered straight to your hotel!

Overall, the Pocket Wi-Fi is an excellent device for travel and I’m still kicking myself for not having discovered it sooner.

Fast, reliable internet and big savings? Yes please!

Get your Pocket Wifi from



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3 thoughts on “Pocket Wi-Fi – Your new best travel buddy!

  1. Pocket Wifi is such a great value-add to exploring Tokyo. While leaving room for whimisical finds, oftentimes I got to places (more off-the-track) I want to go using google maps and searching addresses on internet.
    Wanna do some last minute research in the country? Sure, if your ryokan does not have free wifi.

    I used Global Communications btw

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